What do you get when you cross burning-man with a wedding? Only the most unique marriage ceremony I have ever witnessed. Nadia and Adrian truly made their wedding an experience the guests would never forget. They built a massive fire machine that family and friends would tug together during the ceremony to create embers. The embers would then be carried to the fire pit to start a ceremonial fire. Nadia and Adrian explain the meaning behind this beautifully:

      ” The machine before you is our labour of love”

      We’ve spent the past year dreaming, deconstructing, and recreating what a marriage ceremony means to us. The result has become something a little different. We ask you kindly to join us in our interpretation. After the ceremony is completed, please contribute your bundle of sticks to our ceremonial fire. Thank you for helping us create our new life together.”

      Thank you so much Nadia + Adrian for letting me document your story and to witness such a once-in-a-lifetime ceremony. You both are truly unique and wonderful and I couldn’t be more excited about the moments we captured together!