Dane and Calley - your love for each other is magic. Thank you for spending this evening at Sunnyside with me, rolling in the sand, laughing and watching the fiery sunset together. 

Adventure at Bridal Veil Falls, Manitoulin Island

It's worth driving 6 hours for this waterfall. Bridal Veil is what I imagine all those magic waterfalls in Hawaii must be like - the kinds you can swim right under and pretend to be a mermaid for a little while. When we got to this location the sun had already set. I knew that I wouldn't be able to get any clean portraits because the light was so patchy and dark. So I decided to simply focus on all that good, powerful energy the waterfall gave us, and work with the darkness - not against it.  This turned out to be one of my favourite sessions. Not to mention we had the entire place to ourselves (probably because we are the only crazy people willing to go here in the dark!). 

Thank you Shannon and Evan, for such an incredible shoot and for trusting me with this one! 

Neil and Sanna: Love on the edge of Toronto

Neil and Sanna met and fell in love over a Kazakhstan Facebook group. Thanks, FB! I loved photographing these two in some rainy, moody weather. A little rain doesn't bother me, and it sure didn't bother Sanna or Neil! Plus - that just means you get to come home and soak your feet in a hot bath which is the best feeling in the world, in my opinion!