Niki + Jordan: Elegant Barn Wedding in Lynden, Ontario

Niki + Jordan's wedding was one of the most emotional, artistic and joyful days I've ever had the pleasure of being a part of. It was held at a family friend's barn in Lynden, Ontario and there was enough fog to make it look a little like England. There are so many little stories I can share about these two lovely humans and the journey that brought them here. I could start with the fact that Niki is an artist and Jordan is an entrepreneur. Two completely different worlds that met and fell in love at Concordia many years ago. I could tell you how Niki and Jordan chose to have silent vows during their ceremony, quietly whispering words to each other while their family and friends watched without hearing a single thing. There's another story about Niki's dress - a vintage shop find she thought she'd never wear, but to her surprise looked so beautiful on her she chose it. 

I can also write paragraphs about how emotional and loving Jordan + Niki are. Just spending one day with them filled me up with so much joy I swear I'll remember it forever. I loved the way they looked at their friends through tears and said "Look at all these people, they're all here for us". I think that I'll let the images tell the story from here on, though. 

Niki is a watercolour artist, and decorated all the reception tables/menus with her beautiful art work! If you'd like to see more, check it out here