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Dane and Calley - your love for each other is magic. Thank you for spending this evening at Sunnyside with me, rolling in the sand, laughing and watching the fiery sunset together. 

Sarah and Presley; Love in Motion

Bodies tangled up in bedsheets & love spinning in the kitchen. Intimacy shows up in so many different motions - messy, blurry, fast, and full of passion. This sweet session with Sarah & Presley was all about that, and I couldn't be more honoured to have captured their love. Thank you so much for having me. 

PS: the lovely lady in these photos, Sarah, is an amazing family & fashion blogger: https://www.instagram.com/true.blu/ 

Adriana + Mateusz: Bruce Peninsula Adventure Session

There's a little corner of Ontario that feels like the ocean. I had the absolute pleasure of exploring it with foodies, bloggers (www.everydaythem.com) and soon-to-be husband and wife, Adriana  and Mateusz. 

Thank you for having us, Bruce Peninsula.