South Africa Honeymoon Session at the Atlantis Dunes

Last month I got to tag along on Alice and Carl's honeymoon in South Africa documenting their epic adventures. As soon as I got off the plane, we hopped on a 4x4 and drove out to the Atlantis desert dunes. The ride into the dunes was so exhilarating. We were all holding onto the back of the truck as it shook us left and right. It's the type of ride that will send you flying if you don't hold on tight! I loved the adrenaline and we were laughing every second of it. This is the first of our many adventures during the week. Enjoy! 

Laura and Victor at High Falls, Muskoka

Laura and Victor's engagement session started off with some sort of magic. A chunk of snow fell through the trees and cut straight through the sunset. We were in awe. I'm so glad I had my camera ready to capture it. It was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen! Oh, and the rest of this session was pretty magical, too! 

A Day At The Cottage on Manitoulin Island with Shannon and Evan

This summer I got to visit Manitoulin Island for the first time to document a very special engagement story. Shannon and Evan invited my to their adorable little cabin on the water, where I was immediately welcomed with oven-baked cookies and plenty of tea. We spent the following three days exploring the different corners of this island; lookouts, waterfalls, and rocky shores. For this part of the story, I'd love to share with you a rainy morning we spent riding bikes and embracing the moody weather.