Agatha & Liam: A Saturday Afternoon in A Toronto Apartment

Sometimes I plan out the way a session will go in my head, and other times I just throw my ideas out the window when I meet my couple because their love is so beautiful, unique and intimate that I don't need to do much direction. This was one of those "let's just go with the flow" sessions because Agatha & Liam fall into each other so naturally. Then there's the things we can't really plan out at all as photographers - emotion, laughter, tears. I left Agatha and Liam to dance to a Bon Iver song to end the session, only to realize while editing that they both teared up during this moment. I'm so moved by your love, A + L. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful evening with me. 

Jasmine + Emmanuel: Elopement at a friend's home in Burlington

My sweet, incredible friends Jasmine and Emmanuel eloped at a friend's home and then serenaded us all with music that meant so much to them. It was one of the most intimate and beautiful ceremonies I've ever had the chance to be a part of. Thank you Jasmine + Emmanuel, for sharing your love, your voices, and your art with the world.