Courtney and Beck: Spring Session in Portland, Oregon

The wonderful thing about this life being a mystery, is that sometimes the mystery leads you to something better than you planned yourself. Courtney, Beck and I made plans to drive in their Volkswagen camper to the Columbia River gorge to watch the sunset. In my mind, I pictured a session filled with beautiful lookouts and mountains. The VW camper had something different in mind. Before we even left the garage it began making strange noises that C + B hadn't heard before. We decided getting stuck hours from the city wasn't something we wanted to risk, so we had to come up with another idea. I remembered that what really mattered was Courtney and Beck's love for each other, not some mountain backdrop. Plus, this time of year Portland is like a giant rose garden so every street is filled with a stunning palette of pinks, reds, and whites. We didn't even have to leave their neighbourhood to find a beautiful spot to shoot! We had so much fun walking around the streets and admiring all of the flowers and trees blooming. Things turned out exactly how they were supposed to, actually - even better. Love you friends! 

Katie + Will: Countryside engagement session in Bethany, Ontario

Autumn light is something else entirely. I almost forgot that until doing this engagement session with Will & Katie up in Bethany. We played in the deep, rich orange colours of the sunset and hiked up the hills on Will's parent's gorgeous property. These engagement sessions make my heart, so, so happy. 

Olivia + Anthony: Through Waves & Woods.

I've always loved eerie, foggy weather. The kind where you can't see 10 feet ahead of you, leaving everything beyond your immediate sight a complete mystery. But what I love even more about a gloomy day is how it makes all other colours shine brighter than they have before. 

This is the story of love on a gloomy day. 

"The way she tells me I'm hers and she is mine" 

And the fog quietly rolled in, leaving us in awe of where we found ourselves. 

Every couple I meet with has a beautiful way of interacting with each other in front of my camera. I found myself smiling constantly on this shoot because of the compliments that Anthony would give Olivia about simple details; how her red hair contrasted against her coat, how the flower crown she made was a perfect match to her fishtail braid. These moments were true and genuine, and unfolding in the beauty of the forest.