Part One // Josh and Joyce at Red Rock Canyon, Waterton Alberta

I would like to start this story by saying this: I am so incredibly grateful that this is my job. That I get to travel to beautiful places and create art with people who radiate love. Thank you thank you thank you. I had such an incredible time traveling to Alberta to photograph Josh and Joyce. These two are avid hikers, huge fans of The Head and The Heart and know what to do when you run into a bear (more about that to come in part TWO). Yep, we had such an amazing photoshoot that I am dividing it into three different parts. There is way too much amazingness and love to fit everything into just one blog. They might arrest me for trying. 

Red Rock Canyon at Waterton Lakes National Park is two things: colourful and very very cold. You might not guess it by looking at these images, but our feet were numb walking through the glacial water and we almost couldn't handle it. But eventually our bodies got used to it, and we adventured on to take these images: