Gentle Skies & Wild Ponds.

Serendipity always follows when you look for beauty in new places. We were on our way to shoot at a conservation area, when rush hour traffic made us re-think our decision. Not wanting to be stuck in traffic for hours, I quickly pulled up google maps and looked for an alternative near by. A little body of water wasn't too far from us, so we turned the car around and decided to check it out. And oh my goodness, I'm so happy that we did. We discovered this amazingly beautiful little pond with rowboats! A shoot that was originally supposed to happen in a forest, ended up happening on a boat. It was THE coolest! Rowing and shooting simultaneously is now one of my skills, y'all. Thankful for summer adventures and spontaneous scenes that look like they are out of The Notebook! 

Robe: By Catalfo // Makeup: The Lost Palette // Model: Marii Cerga