Finding Narnia in a $20 Wedding Dress

A few weeks ago I was perusing through racks at Value Village looking for a cute skirt. Thrifting has always been one of my favourite activities. One reason being that you never know what you'll find and there are a lot of hidden gems out there. And two because I love using my dollar to contribute to a greener planet (yay to reusing things!). I never thought I'd end up walking out of the store with a wedding dress that day. But just for my own amusement I walked down the used wedding attire aisle, assuming I'd only find outdated or oversized pieces. To my surprise I found a dress that seemed modern and my size. When I tried it on it was a perfect fit and I couldn't have been more ecstatic (plus it was only $20!!)! So naturally as a wedding photographer, I bought it. I dreamed up a wintery narnia self portrait session and brought the dress I purchased for a little adventure. There is a LOT of material in this gown and I can't even tell you how many times I tripped walking in the snow with this thing! But it was all worth and I'm seriously considering wearing it to my own wedding one day. What do you guys think?!