Part Three // Josh and Joyce at Bear's Hump, Waterton Alberta

Okay you guys! So this engagement session had to be divided into three parts because there was just TOO much beauty to fit into one blog. For our final adventure, we hiked up Bear's Hump to catch blue hour in the mountains. And you know what? Bear's Hump is called that for a reason because we straight up ran into a bear during our shoot. There isn't much out there that bonds you more to your clients than running into a bear together. We were walking, chatting, and suddenly as we turned a corner in the trail my heart (and legs) stopped. Josh, Joyce and I were staring at a bear just about 15 ft away from us. We backed away slowly (but not before I snapped photographic proof!), and waited for the furry dude to pass. It was frightening, beautiful, and amazing all at once. If you have amazing animal run-in stories, please let me know because I'd love to hear them! The world is pretty darn wonderful.