Maya + Jesse: A Toronto Wedding at Sassafraz Restaurant

There's something different at every wedding that resonates with me. Maya and Jesse have been together for over 8 years, so their wedding was a true gathering of everyone who's been with them on this journey. After a fun morning of getting ready at Eye Love Beauty Bar, we went over to Maya's apartment to celebrate with the bridesmaids. Can I just say this - the sisterly vibes here are STRONG! I love the way Maya loves all her girlfriends. You'll notice that in their laughter and the way they're always hugging and holding on to each other. After a busy morning, we were off to get married at Sassafraz Restaurant and celebrate the night away! 

Thank you so much for having me, and letting me in on such an important part of your story, you two! 

Anali & Silas at The Beaches

If there's anything that I've learned while doing photography or film, it's that the worst weather can make for the most beautiful moments. Anali, Silas and I took a little trip to the Beaches in Toronto, only to find it entirely flooded! We loved every minute of this wet, rainy adventure. And Anali and Silas are just the sweetest people to be around, too. Thank you for sharing this evening with me, you two! 


Love, Waterfalls and Good Times in Tennessee.

Travel is good for the soul - and I think I finally understand what that means. The sense of curiosity I feel when I get to leave footprints in a new place is overwhelming at times. Every tree and rock seems interesting to me and I love that travel can make you pay attention to things like that. Last month I got to travel to Tennessee with 150 other wedding photographers for the coolest conference! We camped at Falls Creek Falls State Park and spent the days listening to amazing speakers and exploring. I had the honour of meeting and shooting a few couples during the week, so I've compiled my favourite moments in this blog. Thank you for re-inspiring me, making me realize that this job I have is so full of wonder, and reminding me of the importance of documenting emotions. Loved this experience to the moon and back.